Camera Settings.

In this Digital era, cameras have made it easier to take pretty good photos. At the same time there are so many different settings that is hard to know  which is the best. Cameres have four main modes for taking photos. Auto, Aperture priority, Shutter speed priority and Manual. Using Auto will let the camera do all the exposure decisions, using Aperture Priority will let you decide what aperture you use and the camera will deicde on the shutter speed. Using Shutter speed will let you set the your shutter speed letting the camera decide on the aperture. All these settings will give you some creative control, but using the camera in Manual mode will give you more creative freedom by letting you set the camera’s ISO, aperture and shutter speed. It is very important to konw how each of these ( ISO, Aperture, Shutter-speed) interact with each other to have full creative control.  

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