Iso Matters.

I have so many times heared Photographers say, “with this new cameras you can take photos at ISO 12000  and the resolution on the photo is still great” Technology has made it easier to take photos in low light yes, also because today most peolpe look at their photos in a computer screen (facebook,Instagram,etc), it is sometimes hard to detect the noise on the photos. The true of the matter is that the bigger your ISO settings the more noise is added to the photo and when you want to print a nice photo shot at a large ISO, the photo is going to be grainy, or noisy. I am often force to shoot at 4000 ISO because shooting in a theatre there is usually not to much light. I have a program call Dxo opticspro 9 that fixes some of the noise, but it is still noisy. So in the end my favorite ISO setting is 100 when possible, if not I’ll always go for the lowest possible.  

Thanks for reading.