Where do we go wrong?

Where do we go wrong? In my twenty years as a preschool teacher, I always experience Humans at their best. 3.5 – 5 year old children eager to participate, to learn, to play or even the shy ones that had a hard time asking for help. Children are straight forward honest;  Child, “Uh Teacher you cut your hair?” Me, “yes do you like it?” Child; “No I liked it better before”. Children are sweet, trusting and for the most part affraid of doing the wrong thing. On my drive home from work I always meet the person that honks at you and cuts you off, the one that gives you the finger, the one that try’s to cut in line, etc. I always asked my self, “when do we go from sweet to sour?” Then after listening to stats and what goes on in college campuses, I thought maybe that is my answer. College is the first place where the children are left in-to an environment where they are completely on their own to manage their lives. Organizational skills, Nutrition, Finances, plus the immense social and academic pressure to do well and excel. College, the place where young adults learn to drink, smoke, do drugs, party,have sex, https://www.addictioncenter.com/college/,  cheat on exams, cheat on their friends. College is where young girl learn to be abused by there peers. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/20/1-in-5-college-study-raped_n_7293068.html, and what about  belonging to a sorority and the things this young adults have to do to belong to one, isn’t that elites or  exclusion? . On top of that, the pressure to do well and compete in life.That would be enough to turn the best of humans in to a complete mess. What do you think?